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Most of the decisions people make are for the euphoria of the moment with little regard for the end result.
Most of the issues people have in their lives are a direct consequence of their own actions.
Most of the time, people refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.
Most of life is complicated by instant gratification.
Whether it's clothes, cars or children, the instant appeal is the final downfall of a life - the over-spending on clothes and other accessories that leads to financial anguish, the over-priced car that ends up being a financial black hole, the over-indulged baby that turns into a nightmare teenager - most of the time it is the "cute" pair of expensive shoes, the "cool" sports car or the "adorable baby" that people go for, forgetting that the shoes will soon be relegated to the back of the closet, that the vehicle will become yesterday's news tomorrow, that the child will occupy every spare moment of a life to the point where every aspect of that life will (in some way) be ruled by the offspring.
It would be wise to look at the end result of everything, to see beyond the initial desire or the instant euphoria we might feel; it would be intelligent to consider all the options before jumping head first into a purchase - is this new handbag going to cause me to worry about my bills next month? Is my car going to depreciate too rapidly until it becomes a liability? Is this child going to stretch me both emotionally and financially to breaking point.
Far be it from me to kill off your fun, far be it from me to inhibit your desire for quality, far be it from me to discourage you from being a great and loving parent.
I simply want to give you a heads up, a reality check, a truth serum.
Before you buy that expensive jacket, before you invest your hard earned cash in a vehicle with 4 wheels, leather seats and air conditioning, before dedicating your life to another human being, remember that these things are simply clothes, cars and children, and at the risk of sounding callous, they are all commonplace, they are all subjective, and they are all readily available at different times in your life.
A word of advice - think before you act, go through the process in your mind, consider the end result.
If that expensive necklace is going to be a financial worry, then consider waiting until you can easily afford it; ask yourself how many other necklaces you have, think about whether you really 'need' it or whether it is just going to be another item that you soon forget about, a trinket that quickly becomes relegated to the bottom of the box, that only takes up space and actually means very little in the long run - if you are going to buy another item to wear, make sure it is classic, classy and stylish, be sure that you see some kind of longevity in the purchase, and if you don't, then buy a cheaper version or use what you already have, even tailor what you have to be more stylish (now there's an idea).
Think about the end result.
If the car you 'really, really' want is impractical, then be honest with yourself about it - don't kid yourself that it is going to be just fine when deep down you know that it's going to cost you a fortune to insure and service, that the slightest mishap will misshape your financial life and consequently upset your sleep patterns; no car is worth worrying about, no car is so amazing that it should mess up your day to day existence, and no car is ever going to make up for the home you live in - before you buy a car, make sure that your home is appropriate and that your home makes you happy; don't try to hide a poor living situation behind a vehicle which is basically a tin box with wheels.
Of course, if you can afford it, then have a cool car, buy a car that makes you happy, but make sure it's a car that won't ultimately cause you annoyance or irritation.
Think about the end result.
If a child is your ultimate goal, ask yourself why you want to be a parent; if it's a way of finding unconditional love then you need to wait, you need to work on who you are, you need to confront your own demons before offloading them on a baby; if it's because you want a mini-me, then you should go buy a handbag; and if you flatly refuse to adopt under any circumstances then you should never breed because all you are looking for is an ego boost and that's not fair to the child or the world.
A child is an enormous responsibility, a child is all consuming, a child is a financial disaster and an environmental one as well, a child will push you to the limits of your patience, a child will radically and irreparably change your existence - don't get me wrong here, this could be a good thing, if you have thought about what you are truly letting yourself in for; you are not having a baby, you are creating a life that will concern you for the rest of your life both emotionally and financially; you will want to do the best you can for your child (I hope) and that will require accepting that child for what it is, not for what you want it to be - a child is not an easy lesson, it is a lifelong responsibility that will not necessarily get easier with time.
If you feel you are ready to breed then consider all the aspects of your life that will change, accept that you are dedicating much of who you are to another being's existence and think about the end result.
If marriage is on your mind, if conditional love is your goal, then consider the truth - consider that change is a natural and unavoidable part of life, consider that infidelity is a probability, consider that children will radically alter your dynamic, consider that you might one day no longer love your partner the way you do now (and they may no longer love you in the same way either), consider that divorce will ruin your children and consider that as much as you may wish to deny each of these things, they are common place problems faced by all married couples.
Think about your dating life so far, think about the relationships you have had and lost and remember the initial euphoria you might have felt that slowly died, think about that lucky escape or that devastating loss, think about it and consider that these things may happen in your marriage, for life is full of change and marriage is riddled with divorce - do you need this marriage to control someone? If not, then why are you getting married? Why the hurry? If it's because you want to breed, then consider this - if you won't breed with someone unless you are married, you should not breed with them even if you are married - in this case you should be choosing a mother or a father (someone who wants to be a parent), not a husband or a wife.
If you deny that change may damage your marriage then you are denying the truth, if you accept it then you are seeing the truth.
Whichever you choose to do, think about the truth and think about the end result.
If you have problems with your health then there is no point blaming outside forces, it all comes from within; consider your diet and your exercise regime, consider your sleep patterns and your responsibilities; if you suffer from an illness that you take medication for, look at the possibilities of changing your habits, don't just blame it on luck (or the lack of); you are what you eat and you will be what you do and how you think, the pills are just a cover up for the real issue.
If you are over weight, look at yourself in the mirror and decide to do something good for your self esteem, your heart and your life; work out, eat well and seek advice that will enhance your day to day existence.
Discipline is essential when it comes to health, it is important to exercise regularly and to eat healthily, to know what you are eating and to be aware of your own body.
Before you exercise, think about your current health situation and exercise accordingly; before you eat, think about your weight, your heart, your energy and your overall health.
Whatever you decide to do, whatever you decide to eat, think about the end result.
We should always enjoy the journey, but we should also realize that one rushed decision that does not take into account the end result may well ruin that journey - I am not trying to be a kill joy here, but I am trying to instill a sense of responsibility into that journey, to instill a sense of calm into the decision making processes we go through, to allow you to see the end result so that the journey is less fraught with worry, anguish or pain.
If we see where a decision might lead us, we are then more able to enjoy and endure the decision we make, if we never consider the end result and we are simply looking for something to make us feel better instantly, then we will always be disappointed, unprepared and let down by the actual events that occur, events we might have foreseen had we thought a little farther along the line.
If we all decided to look a little further ahead, if we all decided to be honest with ourselves, if we all decided to see what was there instead of looking for an idyllic lie, if we all considered the end result then we might be more capable of handling change and of handling life, of creating a journey to enjoy rather than always looking for the instant-gratification-conclusion that never comes.
Most people learn very little in their lives; some people learn from their mistakes; a genius learns from the mistakes of others.
Be a genius.
See the end result.

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