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Who Would Have Thought?

We define ourselves by our thoughts.
If our mind is busy thinking, then we are not aware of our surroundings.
If we label ourselves as having a condition, we defend our behavior as deriving from that condition.
If someone asks you to smile when you are extremely blue, do you defend your self by saying you are too blue to smile?Somehow we have decided that one prevents the other.
If I can't smile, is that not just a belief that I choose because I do not want to admit that I can smile when someone else tells me to do something.
After all no one can tell me what to do! We are each a being who has thoughts, has a body, has feelings.
It is with our thoughts that we limit who we are.
Where we are in our minds is of our own choosing because our thoughts, our self-talk, limits us to our beliefs.
We are bound into our own mental prison by our own words.
The conscious mind is busy generalizing, deleting and distorting reality to suit our beliefs, our selective awareness.
It is only when we become aware that we are a whole being, not separate mind, body and feelings, that we become aware that reality just is, without our mind defining it.
We choose to run on automatic in order not to have to re-evaluate our own internal behavior.
We allow our subconscious mind, the storage for all our habitual and automatic programs, to run us.
In this way we do not need to trouble ourselves with ever considering important issues again.
We hide ourselves in mindless TV programs.
We bury ourselves in going to work and doing our routine.
We put off important decisions, like healthy eating, like good mental and physical health by going to restaurants or play games.
If man can think of something, does it mean it exists? Thinking includes all kinds of symbols and ideas.
If I think the world is flat, is that real? If I think there are monsters in the mist (Stephen King), should I fear to walk into the mist? Fear is a mist.
An that is exactly the point of Stephen King's story (The Mist).
It typifies how we think.
We can not see very far ahead on our journey.
So we choose to lock ourselves up in a store full of limiting ideas.
The thinking mind is too busy giving meaning to reality with labels and word definitions rather that appreciating in wonder about life.
Instead our minds should be open and aware of thoughts that cross our minds.
This is a resourceful state that open's your mind to be more aware and have more choices.
Meditation and progressive relaxation are tools which help us to focus on what is rather that what we believe is.
Writing is also a form of meditation because we become aware of what our mind is saying.
We focus our attention on saying what is in our minds and put it on paper as a way of seeing our thoughts.
Take the time to realize that life is not just inside your head.
Take the time to smell the roses, to appreciate the first steps of you child, to love and adore the being that is you partner, to stare at an empty blue sky or the green beauty that is a tree.
Choose to be and do; being is not the same as thinking.
What you say to yourself and how you choose to define yourself is the limit you are prepared to go to.
Give it a thought, and leave your mind open through your eyes, ears and senses.

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