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How to Be a Great Leader

I have often heard this statement, How to be a great leader, so how can a person become a great leader.
If you look at people who have gone on to become very great in leadership you will notice that they have several things in common.
What are these things? And how can you become great in leadership? Great Leaders are Great readers It is possible to note that people who tend to read many books tend to be improving in many areas of life.
It has been found that by being a keen reader can have the effect of helping a person to develop their mental abilities.
Indeed it has been said that great leaders are great readers.
So it could be seen as very important to develop the desire to read.
It has been said that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit, so you can develop the habit of reading by practicing the habit of reading for 30 days.
Life Long Study Another great quality that has been found to be had by successful people could be said to be the habit of life long studying.
Many successful people have commented on the fact that they are always studying new skills regularly.
One of the key ideas that can be seen is that the brain could be analogous to a muscle.
It is a fact that if we do not exercise our muscles they will become weaker.
But in order to be healthy and fit you need to exercise the muscles on a regular basis.
The same can be said about the mind, by studying on an ongoing basis the mind could be said to be receiving mental exercise.
So we could say that your mind will become fitter and healthier due to the mental exercise of studying.
Decision making skills It has been found that people who tend to be quick decision makers are generally more successful in life.
Successful people tend to make quicker decisions and they tend to stick to those decisions.
Whereas unsuccessful people tend to procrastinate and find it hard to arrive at a decision, and will change that decision often.
It is interesting to note that people are found to prefer leaders who are very definite in their decision-making.
There was a study of 500 self-made millionaires conducted over a period of 20 years which also discovered that successful people made quick decisions and they tend to stick to those decisions.
Indeed another thing that has been discovered,that a good manager has the ability to think on their feet.
Being able to make rapid decisions is a very important quality in the arena of business and management.
Good leaders tend to be good teachers Great leaders tend also to be people who are able to instruct and teach the people that they lead.
So being able to coach and train the people you lead is also a very important skill found in great leadership.
Excellent Orator Being able to speak to large numbers of people is one of the key skills of being a really powerful leader.
A great leader has the ability to inspire and arouse a crowd of followers.
If you look at many of the top leaders you can find that they have been very great orators.
So the ability to speak to large crowds effectively is a very important skill.
Effective Writing Skills Being able to write effectively could be a desirable skill of a great leader.
And is a skill that should not be overlooked.
But I would consider it to be more of a useful skill than an essential skill of a top leader.
Taking the initiative and Clear Vision Leaders tend to do things without being told, so taking the initiative is also a key skill that they should have.
The ability to make things happen is key, and the leader should have a very clear vision.
Having a very clear definite vision is an essential key quality that a great leader should have.
To Summarize, a great leader should excel in the above mentioned skills and abilities.
M G A Brown (c) 2011

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