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What Do You See When You Look at Yourself in the Mirror?

Do you see a critical and lamenting person looking at you? Or do you see a loving and compassionate 'You' in your eyes? Okay,so you say,you don't see either of them.
Every morning you brush your teeth,men shave their beard while women put on their make-up,get ready...
in front of a mirror! Do you know that you do all of this without ever really Seeing Yourself? When I first started doing Affirmations about 4 years ago,I heard of a powerful technique of doing them in front of a mirror.
the mere thought of talking to myself in front of the mirror used to freak me out.
"You look awful.
" "You stink".
You don't know how to dress up.
These are the voices I used to hear popping out of everywhere when I'd look into my yes.
"How could a person who as a child was bombarded with criticism most of the time,muster the courage to see anything good about herself in the mirror?" said my course instructor at my certification course on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
my tryst with Mirror Work began! Looking into my eyes in front of a mirror, I began talking to myself.
it looked funny,sounded weird,and felt scary! "I love you.
I really really love you.
Saying these two lines were the most difficult than anything else.
Why? Why is it so difficult for us to say that we love ourselves? Although as a child,we all do talk to ourselves...
in our minds,or saying it aloud...
some do it in front of the mirror making all those funny faces when no one is watching us! What about Winston Churchill who used to practice his speech in front of a mirror.
Well, there were few among successful speakers andleaders who knew this secret of using the mirror as a tool to influence their thoughts,feelings and become a person their audiences wanted them to be.
What was their secret? They knew how to connect with that 'child' inside of them who is pure and honest and will give it back to them if they ever lie! Did you know there is a 3 year old child within each one of us? I began to talk to this child within me every single day,nourishing this child,telling her how wonderful and capable she is.
Within 3 months of doing my affirmations in front of the mirror,I began to feel different about myself.
And about 6 months later, I remember,when my ex-trainees and ex-colleagues organized a get-together and hesitatingly invited me knowing how busy I used to be with work and only work back then.
I was pleased to be invited there..
and the moment I reached I was showered with compliments ...
"Oh My God.
Preiti you look 10 years younger than your actual age.
""Preiti,there's something quite magnetic about you now.
What have you been doing? "
I knew within what was working for me ...
for the first time in my life I felt connected with the Divine.
I knew that I had found a treasure after all! To my trainees and coachees,however,this doesn't seem like a treasure when at first I share it with them.
For all they see this as a fathomless,funny exercise.
I witnessed the unending struggle and sheer amount of pain he had to go through when I handed the mirror to one of my coachees in a session and have him say "I love you and accept you as you are.
For 5-6 consecutive times he couldn't go beyond "I love...
" ...
" I love..
" And he would put the mirror away after that.
That 3 year old child within him was so angry and resentful that all these years he had not given that child all the love the child deserves! How could he expect the child to accept love so easily now? However,with support and persistence he was able to affirm love to himself in the mirror,at least 2-3 times in the session.
This was an excellent beginning for him!! With regular practice of doing Mirror Work at home,he began feeling from being uncomfortable to feeling lighter and at ease with himself and others too,both at home and work.
"My relationship with my son has improved now.
We talk and laugh together at things.
At work, I get compliments more often now.
He reported back after a few weeks.
Remember,the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself!You can nurture this relationship with this powerful technique and you will see all the other relationships being taken care of.
Here's the thing...
When we look deep into our eyes and say our Affirmations,we connect with that Power within us - which is Divine,Supreme and Pure.
At that moment,these affirmation do not remain as mere words,instead they get charged with our feelings that we generate.
And research has shown long ago that it is 'feelings' that are a powerful force that carry energy and thus vibrations.
These vibrations go into the Subconscious Mind and from the Subconscious to the Unconscious Mind where they become a belief or attitude or habits.
And we Attract in our lives what we Believe in.
Brhadaranyaka Upanishad of the 1.
10 of the Yajur Veda says 'Aham Brahamsi' which means 'I am the creator' .
This mahavakya or great saying is the basis of Law of Attraction.
Where 'I' means the Self.
You have the power to create anything you want.
So when You are the creator,with a simple tool like Mirror Affirmations you can get into a daily self-cleansing practice of your subconscious mind,and thus create whatever you want to in your life! But for that you will have face the mirror! What is holding you from facing 'Yourself' in the mirror? What would you want to create for yourself? I welcome and look forward to your feedback and comments.
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