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Why It"s Important to Create a Lasting First Impression

The first impressions that you give may mean the difference between success and failure.
However unbiased we are, subconsciously we already start making up our mind and form opinions about other people.
This happens in the first few seconds we see them.
In this article, I will explain the importance of creating a good lasting first impression.
Let me give you a few examples I noticed recently.
When I caught a very full bus today, I sat next to a scruffy guy, who was half asleep with his head against the bus window.
Unkempt and unshaven, wearing a grubby sweater, unfortunately, I already had a few initial thoughts about this person.
Catching my thoughts, I was horrified when I realised I was almost looking down on this person.
As if to undo my guilt, I decided to engage him in conversation.
Apparently, he was an important researcher in a local university, who was just caught out on a bad day.
He was just returning home after staying up all night in his lab, as I was heading out to work.
Isn't that unfortunate that others are thinking scathing thoughts just because of this first impression? Another example was at our workplace latest cocktail party.
People were dressed conservatively, mainly in black suits for the men and formal dark dresses for the ladies.
A friend's wife wore a bright red dress, and it stood out a lot.
She was noticed during that event from afar, and her personality was given a chance to shine through.
Our managers were impressed with this outgoing person that they offered her a job post.
She had actually been looking for work for several months, without success until that night.
All because of a first impression of confidence and daring to be different.
Why is this important? We must be able to factor this into account in our lives.
If we are in a situation where we need to exude an empowering image, such as a job interview, or when marketing items, we must consider this effect.
However, I challenge you to maintain this at all times, not just these specific situations.
A recent magazine covered the lifestyles of models around the world.
It mentioned the glory as well as the pitfalls of being a model.
But a relevant fact mentioned was that some of them managed to become part of the limelight after being seen on the street by the right people.
This personal image is powerful and we do not know when an opportunity will arise to propel us to further heights.
We want to be ready when this time comes.
I have given you examples which illustrate the power of a good lasting first impression.
And if you let things slip, and a negative first impression happens, it will take a lot more effort to reverse this damage.
This first impression is important to work on.
How to create a positive first impression will be covered in another article.

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