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Desire Is Automatic

Most of us have no idea what we really want and spend so much time trying to manifest a certain amount of money, a specific home in a particular neighborhood, a certain type of lover or other solutions to contrast and calling that a desire.
The process of desire cannot be forced, it is automatic.
Forcing a man-made solution is cheating yourself out of something even greater than what you can imagine.
Having a knee-jerk reaction to contrast is usually what sparks a new path towards a brand new desire.
Contrast is where desires are born, but many of us believe that we must set an intentional desire in order to manifest wonderful things.
This mistake may be what is keeping those things from you.
Let's break it down more clearly and take a look at the first step in the equation which is contrast; Contrast according to Webster's dictionary means to compare or appraise in respect to differences.
So, in the Law of Attraction sense, contrast is the difference between your Source Self and your physical self.
This difference creates a stream of energy that carries with it a creative life-force.
It causes a physical discomfort when the gap between who your Source Self is and your temporal physical self is at this point.
The larger the gap is, the stronger the energy-force is and the greater the pull is against you.
This causes the feeling of emotional pain.
On the other hand, the stronger the feeling of emotional pain there is the faster this stream of energy goes.
It generates a lot of power and produces a greater amount of change.
The more energy there is the more satisfying the joy will be when you come into alignment with your manifestation.
"So where in this powerful stream of energy is my desire?" Your eternal being automatically becomes the opposite of the contrast that you are experiencing and usually in ways you may not be able to express verbally or even understand yet.
We all seem to have the need to analyse the problem and come up with a solution, however, the wonderful truth is that there is no need to list the bad or to list the good in order to figure it what the desired outcome is.
Your source self already knows what new desire is that has been born out of the contrast and is immediately waiting for you to relax enough to be able to go with the flow of energy around you.
Everything will automatically work itself out, without your mental intentions involved at this point at all.
At the time of the contrast all you need to do is to emotionally realign yourself with peace-of-mind and joy as much as is possible at the time.
So, dear friends, desire is an automatic process that happens without any other input from you except your emotional response to the wonderful contrast that pops up in your life.
These events that outwardly would seem to be negative are the life giving energy force that makes up the fabric of who you truly are.
Go with the flow of it, and see.

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