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How to Have a Positive Attitude That Propels You to Success - Part 9

How you ended up with a Complex Complexes are built and fed by the conscious mind taking the initiative to relive and replay certain events and dialogues.
When something negative happens in your life, it doesn't happen just once.
If you replay the event over and over again, your negative experience happens several times.
Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference if the negative event is communicated to it through your eyes or through the memory of the pictures, dialogues, and emotional impressions that are attached to it.
Even a certain "feeling" attached to a negative event can come over a person and cause them to feel depressed and yet be unable to understand why they are feeling that way.
If negative events happened once and then it was over with, we wouldn't build the complexes in our minds which cause us so much pain.
Research scientists have shown that a network is built up in our brains, which is comprised of individual elements of the details of negative events.
They call these "neural nets" (networks).
As soon as a negative event is experienced, the brain makes room or finds a place to store that event.
As the event is relived over and over again through memory recall, more room is needed and the neural net becomes bigger and stronger.
It is fed by certain brain chemicals that strengthen and enlarge it.
These networks are what Jung called "complexes.
" The "Witness Syndrome" The phenomenon which has become known as the "witness syndrome" also proves that these memories are often distorted by numerous replays of the event.
When an accident or traumatic event is witnessed by several different people, invariably, they will remember the event differently.
This happens as quickly as the memory itself is stored in the brain.
The more the event is replayed by the brain, the more distortion it creates in the memory of the actual events which happened.
Not only do we replay and thus relive these events over and over, we also distort the memory and the brain begins to see and believe and accept the distortions as reality.
So now we have neural nets (complexes) which are not true representations of reality but are comprised of distortions of reality.
Stop for a moment and let me give you a very strong piece of advice: Not only is it extremely detrimental to your future state of mind to replay the events immediately after the event happened, but, more so, when these events are distorted and mixed with emotions, which are also stored in the neural nets, it becomes even more devastating and damaging to your state of mind.
So, not only is the repetitive replaying of events detrimental to your future state of mind, but also the interpretation of the events can have an equally devastating effect.
The most powerful way to interpret traumatic events that I've ever heard of or experienced is to see every event as something that will ultimately take you to your desired goal.
Think about a time in your life when something seemingly devastating occurred.
Think of how you may have felt like you wouldn't get through the event at the time.
How many such events have taken place in our lives that we can look back upon and see that it really wasn't that big of a deal? I don't agree with the old adage, "Time heals all wounds.
" It isn't time that heals, but it is perspective that brings healing and better ability to deal with those wounds.
The perspective that you choose can strongly affect the number of times you replay a negative event and the subsequent long term effect it can have on you.
Your Goal to Get Better Your goals are to: (1) Stop reliving traumatic, limiting events, memories, and emotions that do not propel you towards a more fulfilling, satisfying, and successful life (2) Recognize the distortion which takes place in your memory of the event and how damaging that is to your life and (3) Realize the truth in the perspective that "what doesn't kill you, can and will make you stronger.
" Imagine that there are literal structures constructed in your brain which represent negative or traumatic experiences in your life.
These psychological strongholds taunt you and cause you to be depressed or experience some level of pain.
They also encourage you to create ongoing repetitions of these same events.
The old proverb that says, "As you think, so you become and so you are," is validated by the actions that we repeat due to the presence of these neural net strongholds that have been erected in our brains.
The Power of a Decision-Now I want you to recognize a very powerful ability that you possess right now.
One which will allow you to begin to take the wrecking ball of your mind and tear down these strongholds that are holding you back from success.
Success that you deserve in every area of your life.
The power that you possess, at this very moment, is the awesome power of decision.
As you make the decision to first acknowledge the presence of these strongholds in your brain and second, disassemble their structure.
Your subconscious mind immediately begins to stop feeding this complex and begins the process of tearing it down.
The key is your incredible power to acknowledge and decide that this thing is coming apart and it is up to you to begin the process.
After you begin to consciously tear down this complex, your subconscious goes into action to fulfill what your conscious mind demands.

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