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Deep Inside Every Adult, There is a Child Ready to Play

As you watch children play in the park or you have little children at home, you have no doubt watched them play and create "make believe" stories.
 Have you ever really listened to them when they were unaware you were watching? It used to amaze me how my daughters would play, the oldest with her dolls and the youngest not so zeroed in on a particular play theme.
 My son loved his cars and would play for hours with them.
 Every single one of them had scenarios and tales to tell.
  Believe it or not, I would get that urge to want to get down on my knees and play with them; sometimes I did just that.
 But when my children grew up and moved out on their own, I forgot how to play.
 I knew there was a child in me wanting to get out and play, but I would squelch the urge.
 After all, you are supposed to be a grown up and you need to do grown up things, I would tell myself.
 Who says that, though? Why can't I surrender to that inner urge and play my heart out?  I remember having a doll; she had blond hair and had the cutest face.
 I would mother that doll as if I had given birth to it.
 Never mind I really didn't know where babies came from at that time.
 I would dress her, cuddle her and make sure all of her pretend needs were taken care of.
 I really loved that doll.
 But as I got older and had real "dolls" that actually moved and cried, I lost interest in pretend dolls.
 Live babies were a lot of hard work and a huge responsibility.
 The child in me kept getting buried deeper as my children got older and no longer wanted me to play with them.
 How sad.
 When my children finally made the break and moved out of the home, the "empty nest" syndrome hit full force.
 About that time, the inner child began stirring.
 But there were no grandbabies yet to play with.
  One evening while thumbing through a magazine, an advertisement for a real live looking doll literally caught my eye.
 It was anatomically correct and had the cutest face, just like my doll so many years ago.
 A "newborn" and all the pudgy creases built into it.
 I ordered a boy doll as I had lost a son at birth years ago, and had one son and two daughters since then.
  I named this doll Tristan.
 After some cute guy on TV, no doubt.
 Like a little girl, once upon a time, I dressed Tristan in newborn clothes, bought the softest blanket and when no one was looking, created my world which included a "baby".
 The inner child in me won out and with my permission, I allowed myself to feel carefree.
 When my friend's children would come over, I would invite the little girls to tea and all of us, with our "babies" would sit down to a cup of tea and cookies and make up some of the funniest stories.
 Come to think of it, I recognized in those little girls their mothers and would chuckle to myself.
 No wonder that is why my daughters reminded me of me when they played their little games with their baby dolls.
  And so life does go on.
  Allow that child hiding deep within you to come out and play.
 You will have a blast!

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