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Get an Attitude of GRATITUDE

A common compliant I hear all too frequently regarding this topic is ...
"I'm so sick of hearing about Attitude of Gratitude...
it doesn't work for me.
" and "It's hard to be grateful for anything when you have nothing".
The most common response to this question that I hear from others is ...
"If that's what you're thinking and saying...
no wonder you have nothing.
" Yeah, not really helping is it! So, here is your fast track method to uplifting your attitude, and in order for it to work, you have to do it constantly, everyday for the next 7 - 14 days.
oGo for a 5 - 15 minute walk around your yard, your neighbourhood, the shopping mall - anywhere where you can enjoy and notice your surroundings oMake a mental note of everything that you are grateful for as you walk around enjoying your surroundings.
It could be the nice day you have, the time out from your busy life, the smell of the flowers, your family.
When you notice negative thoughts come into your mind, stop take a deep breath and focus on the positive again.
Everyday you want to add a least 1 new thing you are grateful for.
-NB: - ONLY say thing that you are TRULY grateful for, do not say you're grateful for something that you are not.
-Do this every morning and you'll start to see a vast improvement in your life -WARNING: Others might start to think you're a bit funny because you will have an outstanding grin on your face The next step of cementing your change of "Attitude of Gratitude" is to look at all the things you're not grateful for, because I have little doubt that these are the things that are actually holding you back from the wonderful, abundant life you deserve.
As a SELF IMAGE SPECIALIST I use Emotional Freedom Technique to help people overcome their barriers.
The CAUSE of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.
Get rid of the disruption and the barriers that are holding you back will disappear, this I can guarantee! CAN not having an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE be FIXED - ABSO - freakin - LUTELY! Gillian Tarawhiti SELF IMAGE SPECIALIST

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