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How To Shake The Winter Blues By Tracking Rabbits

Soon the cold and snowy days of winter will be upon us before we know it, it doesn't matter if its spring or summer when your reading this, as the seasons seem to come and go faster each year to me. I know a lot of folks seem to get bored and dread the cold winter months and this is something that I have never really experienced, even though I have lived most of my adult life alone, I always find something to do to pass my free time away.

This article is geared more towards someone that lives in the country or someone that has some acreage that has brush piles, and fence lines. If you are not such a person you will still probably find this information not only entertaining but informative, as a means to help shake the winter blues.

When I was a pre-teen and early teenager my parents rented out rooms to what was then called boarders. These were single men and women that needed a sleeping room and place to stay while they were not at their place of employment. My parents provided nice fully furnished rooms, with beds, dressers, and all the works, plus they offered these boarders, meals and all of our homes entertainment such as the option of watching TV with us in the family room, and full bathroom facilities.

One of these boarders was an older guy that became a good friend of mine. This guy was an avid hunter and fisherman, and one time during the cold snowy days of winter we were chatting about hunting and trapping, and he asked me if I have ever tracked rabbits. I had not done it before, so we went outside in the snow and he showed me how to do it. Now, all of you folks that are against hunting, or the killing of rabbits and other animals, I want to tell you that we tracked rabbits for fun. We did not take a gun or any weapon with us, and no rabbits were ever harmed.

You need a day with some snow on the ground, the type of snow that leaves nice tracks when some person or animal walks in it. We walked a little across an open field and saw some tracks of birds and deer, then my friend soon said, there is some rabbit tracks right here, and he pointed them out to me. Now I am not going to go in detail about what they look like, but they are easy to recognize, so just search the internet on rabbit tracks and you can see them. Anyway, my friend said I can tell you exactly where that rabbit is heading he's heading to a bush pile near the fence.

We followed the tracks and soon we neared a fence line that had a lot of old small trees and shrubs along it. The rabbits hide in those thick weeds and brush piles my friend said, I noticed that there were rabbit tracks all around the bushes. Now watch this my friend said, and he started pressing down on some of the dead weeds and brush, while making some noises, within a few seconds a rabbit ran out of the cover right towards us.

We walked along the fence and brush line a little more and he did the same thing, and out came another rabbit. This was a great fun learning experience for me, and it came in very handy on them cold winter days to help shake the winter blues.

There is a website that describes numerous activities and other methods to help eliminate the Winter Blues, this website is called: Winter Activities - and it may be found at this url:

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