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Count your Success!


Count your Success!

If you are at a particularly low point in your life it is easy to feel like you may have accomplished very little. Nothing could be further from the real truth.

Please understand and believe the following:

You have already accomplished things in your life that are really far greater than what most of us point to as the great accomplishments only few people achieve, like being famous, or rich or having an ideal family life.

Accomplishments like walking and talking and roller skating or riding a bike, when compared to your infancy and the time when you were helpless to even feed yourself, these are tremendous achievements!

It is easy to lose sight of the fact that you are part of an extraordinary human community. The truly great things that people accomplish are the things that we all accomplish, and everything else really pales in comparison!

What you focus on dramatically a?ects how you feel about things. Are you focusing on your accomplishments or your shortcomings? A shift in what occupies your thinking can have dramatic immediate results.

Your life is full of accomplishments that you've achieved as your own brain and mind developed. Your ?rst step, your ?rst word, or your ?rst sentence—your life is full of ?rsts! But somewhere along the way we've chosen to ignore these milestones, as if they are so common that they don't matter.

They do matter! They are your pedigree as a human being! You have within yourself the same tools you've used countless times to accomplish amazing tasks. This comes naturally to you. You only need to tap these natural abilities again, in new and powerful ways, to get similarly useful results.

The bottom line is that you are capable and have spent your life demonstrating that!

Look at the things you do in your life and take the positives out of every negative that you face. Taking the positive will not only make you feel good but also put things into perspective. For example when it is raining see that the rain is good for your garden; when your are held up in traffic think about the extra time you have to listen to your favorite songs or maybe you are ill then it gives you time to read that book you have always wanted to finish. 

Always look on the bright side of life :) 

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