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Do You Journal?

As human beings, we tend to notice that self-expression is a vehicle for many parts of who we are.
Whether it be art in all its forms, singing, dancing, writing, speaking, drama, debate, poetry, or everyday body language, our need to express our thoughts, feelings and insights is an innately human quality.
Writing in one's own personal journal is a terrific mode of self-expression.
A journal is the non-judgmental friend from which we can all benefit.
It is a safe place for us to express what we authentically think and feel.
A journal can be short or long, focused or free-thinking, a place to hold our memories or explore our goals.
It is a place to find clarity, purpose, curiosity, understanding, and compassion for self and others.
It is a place to process our anger, our resentment and our fears.
It offers spring cleaning and fresh perspective to a cluttered mind.
Journaling is the ideal partner when we need to connect more intimately with our inner selves.
It also helps to integrate our inner and outer worlds.
It can be a quiet place for reflective thought and peaceful solitude, or a more playful place for light musings or even laughing at ourselves.
In our journals, we can tap into our creativity, manage our emotions and exercise our mental muscle.
We can process and relieve stress, heal the past and learn to self-regulate.
Just the act of putting our ideas pen-to-paper allows a rich unfolding of possibilities that we may not have otherwise observed.
Sometimes, it just feels good to write uncensored.
Over time, a journal becomes a record of the way we have evolved in thoughts and ideas.
Journaling is a terrific way to capture, process and revisit our life stories, both as they're unfolding and also as a means of reinterpreting the past with a renewed vision or more mature filter.
We can take a look back at how we felt and expressed ourselves in the past, which helps us to mix and assimilate all the different parts of our lives into a more unified and congruent whole.
Journaling can be an integral part of any life coaching relationship.
It provides a vehicle for communication between sessions and a record of process and progress.
So, if you have never tried journaling before or it's been a while and yours needs to be dusted off, consider this addition to your daily routine.
You might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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