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You Get to Say How it Is

There are countless motivational speakers, self-improvement companies and the like that charge hundreds of dollars to get you into positive affirmation that will change your life.
I think all of these are great...
only if your own background conversation doesn't kill the effect before you even start.
Yes, positive affirmations work.
They will help you get a clearer vision of your goals and keep you focused.
They will also remind you of what you really want in times where stress takes over.
Positive affirmations also work great with kids.
In fact they probably work better with kids because they don't really question them and they are way more unstoppable than the majority of adults.
Very few things seem impossible to them, so, again, I think it is really great to get them into it, the sooner, the better.
Only if they don't already destroy them by their constant - unaware - negative talk.
People go around stating facts that they have made their reality.
"I can't spell.
" "I'm really not good with languages.
" "I'm an awful cook.
" "I never win anything.
" And it goes on and on...
And you don't even know you are saying it! And, worse still: you don't even know that your kids are hearing it and copying it.
"Oh, we're just not good with numbers in my family so I can't do math.
" WHAT? Since when is the study of mathematics a hereditary condition? You think I am kidding? Well, just keep your ears to the ground for the next few days and listen to people! And then see the consequences...
Of course you are an awful cook.
The minute you decide it, that's it! And then you go around telling everybody whenever it comes up in the conversation that you are a bad cook.
And then of course you eat out all the time, you buy ready made dishes and you keep as far away from the stove as possible...
No wonder you are a bad cook! Now watch your kids.
They can't spell? Yes, of course, they can't.
They are so convinced of it anyway that they would never even think of looking up a word.
They just write whatever comes to their mind and, as everybody knows that they can't spell, no one is going to wonder...
It's expected! And isn't that comfortable? Isn't that just so cool? You don't need to try harder and actually find ways to improve because you are telling everybody that such is life and you are simply a bad speller...
And then you are.
But what if your life depended on it? I mean really, your life? If the key to stopping the world from coming to an end was for you to spell the word "achievement", do you think you'd think for a second if it should be ie or ei? I think you would.
But for as long as you see yourself as a bad speller, you won't even stop to think about it.
One time out of three, you'll spell it right.
You'll always know that it is either ei or ie but it is much easier to stay in the bad speller role and go random than looking it up again and find every possible tool you can to remember which way around the letters go.
Comfort zone...
At the end of the day, you get to say how it is.
And what you say is what will decide the actions that you take.
Not the other way round.
You decide who you want to be and you share it around! So before you go on with your daily mantra of positive affirmation, make sure you hear your own background conversation.
And then you'll see the results!

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