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Food Enthusiasts Warming Up To Sticky Fingers Online Bakeries

In the modern era of EBay and Amazon, internet shopping is on the rise. More consumers are going beyond clothing and electronic online shopping and are searching the web for higher than supermarket quality food products. Baking enthusiasts are looking for new spins on old favorites, healthy ingredients, and an online catalogue to fit in with busier lifestyles. Instead of the time consuming challenge of browsing the grocery store aisles to find the perfect baked product for tea or dessert, the average time compressed consumer is easily taking to the concept of browsing online bakeries for a more varied selection of baked goods. A growing trend in online bakeries has been spreading across the web and one internet savvy business, Sticky Fingers Bakeries, have paved the way in online bakeries with multiple ready-made mix options, jellies and bread. It does not take long to find the perfect host-friendly dessert or meal accompaniment at the Sticky Fingers online bakeries website.

The true genius behind Sticky Fingers online bakeries is in the perfect combination of unique flavors, ease of preparation, and variety. Whether hosting a large dinner party or simply preparing an after school snack for the kids, a baker will appreciate the gourmet flavors such as raspberry white chocolate scones or mint chocolate chip brownies. Sticky Fingers online bakeries have found the balance between allowing baking enthusiasts to stray away from plain and tired flavors, without spending hours elbow deep in expensive ingredients. To add to the beauty of Sticky Fingers online bakeries, it does not matter if you have been baking for fifty years or five minutes. Ready-made mixes take the time and stress out of preparing decadent baked food. Guests will truly believe you spent hours baking these special treats just for them and you do not have to tell them any different!

Even More from Sticky Fingers Online Bakeries

Sticky Fingers online bakeries are famous for their premium English scone mixes. Flavour combinations such as: lemon poppy seed, lemon ginger, pumpkin cranberry and the seasonal favourite spiced eggnog are instant crowd pleasers. Nothing pairs more nicely with an English scone than homemade curds, fruit butter and jellies. Sticky Fingers online bakeries not only carry a wide selection but are a Cooking Light Magazine award winner for their orange curd. Friends and family will be intrigued by the novelty of fruit butter and will enjoy the homemade quality of classic jams such as raspberry and wild blueberry.

Sticky Fingers online bakeries have been an online, wholesale and leading retail brand of ready-made mixes and homemade jams since 1987. Their products contain no artificial color, flavour or preservatives. Products are made with only all-natural fruit, vegetable, herb and spice ingredients. None of their mixes contain saturated or transaturated fats. Sticky Fingers online bakeries are the revolutionary line of gourmet online bakeries, which will change the way you have ever thought about baking by combining healthy ingredients, gourmet flavours, and baking simplicity. Visit their website at StickyFingersBakeries for their catalogue of products, wholesale information, and online shopping.

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