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God Still Heals Today

Healing is defined as "effecting a cure.
" Once healed, one realizes they have been made whole or sound, have been mended, or have gotten well.
Since the earliest records of man (found in the Bible), people have found healing via numerous methods: 1) Automatic healing, 2) Self-directed healing, 3) Physician-driven healing, 4) Sleep-induced healing, and 5) Miraculous healing.
Here we address only the fifth type, but to do so, we must spend a moment understanding the first four types of healing.
The majority of humans alive today are born "healed".
Approximately 150,000* babies are born in the United States with birth defects each year.
The remaining 3,850,000 are born "healed".
They are whole, complete and functional -- not needing healing.
Throughout our lives, we experience numerous illnesses and injuries for which a natural process of healing exists: From mild viruses to small cuts, our bodies are able to heal themselves if given the proper resources.
For example, a virus is cured with time, rest and fluids, while a cut is cured with consistent cleaning and covering.
Some illnesses and injuries are beyond the scope of home remedies, at which point we seek the help of a doctor.
God has provided doctors to heal us and for centuries our lives have been blessed by them.
Some illnesses are intended by God to lead to death...
And then healing comes as the saint "falls asleep" and awakens in the place where there is "no sickness," heaven.
But, sometimes healing is illusive: No natural-, home- or hospital-cures are working and death does not release the saint from the ravages of the pain.
It is at these times that people seek Supernatural intervention.
At some point, you may be asked to pray with someone for healing from God, and, if so, you need to understand God's methods for answering such a plea.
The Bible provides many examples of healing, 40-plus in Jesus' ministry alone.
There is a pattern that emerges and understanding it will help you pray with "all faith" for healing, anytime you are asked to do so.
Miraculous healings come in many ways.
Below we will look at four healings - those of the blind men Jesus healed during His three-year ministry, and see the three main ways God grants miraculous healing.
Instant and Complete.
In both Luke 18 and Matt.
9, blind men asked for healing and Jesus simply gave it to them.
In one moment, they went from blind to full, perfect vision.
(That's the kind we all want!) Gradual.
In Mark 8, Jesus first: 1) took the blind man's hand and led him out of the city, then 2) spit on his eyes, 3) asked for a progress report and learned that the man was partially healed, so 4) put His hands on his eyes and then the man was healed.
Sometimes there are multiple steps and/or touch points.
In this example, the healing occurred within a few minutes.
I have seen examples where the miraculous healing occurred over the course of years.
Never-the-less, a blind-man-seeing IS miraculous, no matter how long it takes.
Requiring Personal Action.
In John 9, Jesus spat on the ground and made clay, which He then put on the man's eyes.
Next, He sent the man to wash in the pool of Siloam.
Upon completing this task, his sight was restored.
4 Blind Men 1 Healer 3 Unique Scenarios There is an additional pattern that is critical to understand before praying with someone for healing: God determines when, who and how to heal.
Having the faith to ask Him is our part, but deciding how He will comply is His part.
For example, most days the eyewitness accounts report Jesus healing "all" who came to Him.
Yet, at the Pool of Bethesda, He chose just one man to heal while leaving the rest lying their in pain.
Only upon our arrival to heaven will we understand the obedience that required, how that felt to Jesus and His disciples, and why God required Him to walk away from the other needy people without healing them that day.
When praying for miraculous healing, it is important for us to remember that God is God and we are His servants.
If He gave us birth-healing, we are blessed.
If He provides self- or physician-induced healing, we are blessed.
If He takes us Home, we are blessed, and if He provides a miraculous healing, we are blessed! As we approach the throne of grace from this position of submission, joy and faith, we remove every hindrance which would hold God back from providing for us what He deems best.
And, considering that He has all of the facts about our situation, past, present and future, we would be wise to take this Physician's Word as final.

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