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Right or Wrong, Make a Decision

We humans are highly intelligent beings.
Let us not spend our time and energy in doing mundane, repetitive tasks day in and day out for life is precious.
Use your critical, analytical, logical thinking skills much more often because that's what differentiates us, humans from animals.
We all have a 'leader' in us but often times we choose to follow others for it is an easy way out.
It is also easier to blame someone else when things go wrong and we didn't make the decision.
To set you in motion, to fulfill your desire, to reach your goals, you have to gain confidence.
This is possible only by learning to make decisions on time.
Practice makes permanent.
Sometimes your decision may not produce the desired result nevertheless you made the decision.
This makes it imperative to take the time needed before making the decision.
Analyze the situation, look for the 'pros' and 'cons' and then make a well-informed, educated decision to get the results that you wanted.
Do you hesitate to make decisions because you think you might be make wrong decisions, if so, just remind yourselves that every human on this earth make mistakes.
I would call it an 'error' when you make it the first time.
It doesn't mean you can just brush it off when you make mistakes.
It is normal for any human to make mistakes but when we repeat the same mistake over and over again that makes it non-learning, being careless on our part.
Don't be afraid to make decisions, make decisions as often as possible, and detour as you face challenges just like when you are on the street during constructions, road closures, or accident that warrants you to take a different path to your destination.
Putting off making decisions leads to nowhere.
That can only make you stagnant.
Make deliberate determined decisions that take you forward.
You may slip once in a while but realize that it is only a slip not a fall.
Even if you fall, decide to get up and move.
Expel inertia, tiredness and discouragement and choose to be active, glowing with optimism and believe in yourself for you are a unique flow of stream.
There is no one on this earth like you.
You are here to experience your life.
Avoid procrastination and choose to decide on a daily basis, what's the worst that can happen? Making decision is the first step that leads you to action.
Action promotes detours, new experiences, new learning, facing challenges, adapting to changes and finally to the results you wanted.
When you make a decision, you are moving forward one way or the other.
You will never get stuck.
The ability to make decisions at the right time is paramount to take you ahead.
Sometimes you may miss the boat when you take longer to decide.
Timely decision is vital.
Keep on making decisions and do not post-mortem your decisions.
Once a decision is made, keep on moving.
Going back is like driving with looking in the rear view mirror.
Remove the 'should have, would have, and could have' from your dictionary.
If you are parent, let your children make decisions early on.
Let the toddler decide what to eat, when to play and when to eat.
Talk to them about a balanced meal then they will choose a protein, carbohydrate and fat that they love to eat.
When you teach them the 'why' they will make the appropriate decisions.
If you have people reporting to you, let them make decisions then they own the challenges, decisions and results.
Once you show them the why, they often times make the decision that is relevant to the situation on hand and will able to substantiate their decisions with reasons.
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