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Tamude 4th Secret - United is the Power

If you don't unite with others, an individual strength is weak.
~by Tamude Tamude says that one person wisdom is limited.
This is why all the Jewish in the world are so united.
Tamude teaches them to build relationship with people around them.
Social networking is very important for Jewish.
That is why Sunday was chosen to be a resting day.
Everyone has to stop their job and doing social networking with people around.
Jewish always have a lot of communications among each other.
This also creates a good competition and communication to improve themselves.
There is a story in Tamude.
A hawker was shouting on the road and telling the people around that he wanted to sell the secret of life to them.
All the pedestrians heard about this and come towards him.
They asked the hawker what was the secret of life.
The hawker replied that take care of your tongue.
He advised people to speak with good intention instead of using their tongue to talk something bad.
If Jewish did not use their tongue carefully, one may hurt another and it might become bigger conflict in their community.
So, without using the tongue carefully, it may cause a united organization shattered.
Then you may ask if there is a dispute happen between 2 persons, then what Jewish will do? This is good question that Jewish wisdom answered.
There is a common rule for Jewish.
When someone talks something bad and causing a dispute.
He will apologize to the other party and look for his forgiveness.
If the other party forgive him, then there is no problem.
However, if the other party don't forgive him.
Then, Jewish has one method to settle such situation.
The person who cannot get forgiveness, he can go to find another 10 person who are not relation to both party.
He can explain all the things happen completely to all these 10 person and seek for their forgiveness.
If the 10 persons can forgive him, then he will feel already being forgiven.
This is because he has acquired forgiveness from the public.
Hence, according to Tamude, a group of 10 persons can be considered as a small group of community that can decide some of the things.
Jewish realize what he himself do is also representing a big family of other Jewish.
Hence, if he has done something wrong, he will apologize as "we" and not "I".
Other than that, if he found someone else has done something wrong, even is not done by him, he still will seek forgiveness from the God also.
This is because he will feel he does not do much charity to help people and cause other people involved in crimes.
This is the reason why Jewish is a very united race.
That is why even Jewish is separated all over the world but they are still very united and always communicate among each other.

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