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Five Reasons to Give Thanks

We all love being appreciated, value the times when someone comes up to us with a genuine, whole-hearted 'thank you' for what we've done, for all our efforts on their behalf.
And a thank you is all the more special when there is nothing wanted in return.
With that in mind let's look at five reasons to give thanks: - Unconditional thanks are those given to others to demonstrate appreciation, with no ulterior motive.
There is no hidden agenda, no strings attached, just a sincere desire to let the other person know how much their actions, presence, thoughtfulness means to you.
This is the very best of appreciation and often motivates us to try harder, do more, continue winning their praise.
- Good manners are an important reason to give thanks.
If someone does us a favour, helps us out or even considers us by simply opening a door for us it is good manners to acknowledge their thoughtfulness by politely saying thank you.
Our response demonstrates that we've noted their kindness and want torespect and appreciate them in return.
- Motivation is a byproduct of giving thanks.
We learn by example, see each other's behaviour, are aware of the reactions they provoke and learn from their successes and failures.
Seeing others receive positive feedback, being treated with respect motivates both them and us to have more of the same.
It generates enthusiasm and the desire to continue pleasing the other person.
This is often a valuable technique to employ with children; ignore their bad behaviour and really focus on praising and thanking them for their good behaviour.
It works equally well with adults too! - Work is important to give thanks for.
Whether it be paid or voluntary, skilled or menial, part-time or full-time, work gives us a sense of purpose, tests us, provides a reason to get up in the morning, have a wash, get dressed.
Doing the best we can, being the best road sweeper or heart surgeon and taking a pride in our work provides satisfaction, brings challenge and endeavour into our lives.
And that's worth a lot, is much to be thankful for.
- The last Thursday of November is Thanksgiving, the day of the year when more Americans go home to celebrate than for any other day of the year, including Christmas.
No gifts are exchanged; Thanksgiving is simply one day of the year set aside for everyone to give thanks for their home and family, to remember their roots and spend time together.
It's important to take time to acknowledge the role of our family.
Whether they be good or bad they've shaped our life, who we are, the person we've become.
Stopping to give thanks for family, appreciating the fact that they did the best they could at the time is important to do, especially at a time like Thanksgiving.

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