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Going With The Flow

What exactly does "Go With The Flow" mean?In other words, how can you do that when everything feels so overwhelming?And, isn't it a bit ignorant to just go along with everything...
doesn't that make you a weakling and a pushover? I don't think so.
Have you ever tried to go against the current of fast moving water? It's damn near impossible, which means you'll probably just go with it.
Yet with our lives we tend to get all involved with forcing things to go the way that we think is best.
Additionally, most people think that it's quite noble to work really hard.
If things come easily, somehow it's not as valuable.
But, think about this...
have you had the experience of spending time with someone who trusts what's happening, and enjoys it as much as they can.
Even when things are challenging, that kind of person really works at appreciating what's occurring and looking for the jewel that will emerge because of it.
Going with the flow means that we keep focusing on what we really want with joy and work at releasing any resistance we may have it getting there.
Learning how to do this develops faith in the laws of the Universe, or God, the Goddess...
whatever you call your spiritual center - it's just not always that easy to do.
It's not that we ought to just kick back and "tolerate" bad things.
Rather, approaching life with a gentler, more relaxing attitude.
Giving room for mistakes and problems, and releasing the focus on struggle and difficulty.
Finding the methods for moving through challenges and allowing yourself to be inspired into action instead of being "motivated" to change.
One very simple guideline that I teach is that "good feels good and bad feels bad".
What I mean by that is, if you are feeling happy and content with what's happening, you are moving towards your desires.
If you are angry or upset about something, you've simply moved off your path to what you want.
When you relax into what the flow of your life is offering and remain focused on what you want with gratitude and appreciation, the difficulties actually lighten up.
Give it a try!

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