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A Passage Of Discovery For The Optimistic Modern-Day Man

OK, I hear you asking.
Exactly what certifies this person to talk about a 'journey of discovery' for the determined and inspired modern guy? Well, believe it or not - I am the first modern-day man.
Exactly how can I make such a bold statement? Easy...
Follow me, as I share with you the start of my 'trip of discovery' to becoming a real modern-day man - the 'supreme' survivor in today's procrastinating world.
It all started at the tender age of just 9 months, right here I was in mum's womb all comfy and nice, but bored with simply drifting around all day.
Then a feeling of intense anticipation came over me and I understood that the time had come for my first outrageous experience in my 'trip of discovery' as a modern man.
Feeling around for what I might make use of in my very first 'outrageous' journey as a determined motivated baby, I found my umbilical cord.
It was long, tough, thick and sturdy.
So I grabbed it, twisted it around my feet and wiggled into a standing position.
Taking a big breath, I screamed with all my might, "B-U-N-G-E-E-E-E"!!! And out I popped...
Thus was documented the world's first bungee jump.
Over the years that followed, as I grew from boyhood to manhood, and progressed on my inspired outrageous experiences in my 'trip of discovery' as a modern-day 'supreme' survivor, I canoed throughout the Sahara desert, climbed Mt Everest from the inside, and started that elite group of 'Action Heroes' today's genuine, 'super' modern guys, and I was the very first to break the 700mph (1,170 km/h) land speed record while pulling the vehicle in my first 'radical' journey.
In my next 'outrageous' adventure I happened to become the first surfer too.
It happened when I was sailing a little wooden boat that became wrecked off the coast of some remote islands.
At this point I was up to my neck in water and going nowhere quickly.
Next minute a sizeable piece of the boat's wooden wreckage floated by, so being a confident and highly inspired modern man, I climbed up onto it then stood upright - as it seemed the natural thing to do.
What took place next? Well, here I was balancing on this large piece of wood and I hear this 'hurrying' sound behind me, I look over my shoulder and racing toward me is a tsunami wave.
Hey! Guy's, this one is big! I did the only thing today's modern-day man would have done, I 'rode' it for over 100km's (60miles), right onto the coastline.
Now that was an adrenaline rush! It was then I understood that after surviving such a, 'that-made-me-stand-up-and-take-notice' outrageous journey, I may well survive any super-scary natural disaster or emergency situation.
Not long after that 'outrageous' experience, I heard that some man in Hawaii had come across that piece of wooden wreckage I had in fact used, and formed the front and back and called it a 'surfboard'.
It seems he ended up being somewhat well-known...
To put of all my modern guy 'outrageous' journeys into "The Modern Man's Journey Of Discovery Survival Guide Handbook", would fill a city library - and those books would need to be typed in small print...
One last word, I trust by showing you a few of my modern-day guy 'outrageous' adventures that it will influence you to begin your 'journey of discovery' of life, and develop into today's positive thinking modern guy - the 'supreme' survivor.
So prepare to impress your mates, intrigue your girlfriend, frighten the pet and live a life worth living!

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