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Unlock Your Millionaire Mindset in 7 Easy Steps

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them".
(Twelfth Night Act II, Scene V).
I'll be willing to bet that the ones who achieve greatness in this world would not fare quite so well without what has become known as the "millionaire mindset.
" But what is this much sought-after quality? And, more importantly, can we all have a bit of it please? So much has been talked and written about the elusive characteristic knows the "millionaire mindset" that you could spend your whole life researching the theories, reading about the success stories and feeling fired up about the possibilities.
In reality, however, the concept is incredibly simple and can be summarised in 7 easy-to-follow steps - a failsafe recipe for success.
No matter what your age, background, education, career or starting point on the entrepreneurial ladder, follow these steps to achieve the millionaire mindset and set yourself on the path to riches.
We all have the potential, what sets us apart is the belief in oneself to achieve greatness.
Tell yourself you can do it, stick it on a post-it, write it on the wall, whatever it takes - and never stop believing it.
The Idea
Have an idea, a dream, a vision.
Write it down and fix it in your mind.
Make a Plan
This is all about setting your goals.
These should fall into three broad categories - short term (could even be steps to take by the end of today or this week), medium term and long term.
They should be specific and realistic - write them down, with a timeframe by which they should be realised.
Most crucially, remember to review them regularly.
These are your small steps to big success.
Remember Rome wasn't built in a day...
Take Action
Here is the nitty gritty.
Contrary to popular opinion developing your millionaire mindset not just about reading, learning or goal setting alone, it is about taking action, grafting, getting your hands dirty - whatever you want to call it.
This is a hurdle that many fall at - thinking about becoming rich, pondering ideas, having a whim, but then failing to follow it through with solid, tangible action.
This is not meant to be intimidating - just make sure you take a step, even a baby step, every day to move in the right direction.
Your actions should all lead towards your goals.
Don't get distracted! 5.
Failure is not an option
Or as my gran used to say, "try, try and try again".
It is inevitable that in working towards your goals you will encounter failure, setbacks, disappointment and rejection, but what sets the millionaire mindset apart is the ability to shun these setbacks, learn from them and most importantly get back on your feet again.
The millionaire mindset is a positive mindset.
To achieve this you must first believe in yourself - that you have the absolute right to be successful.
Now don't forget it! 6.
The millionaire mindset does not allow for half heartedness, for half measures or apathy.
Passion is what will drive you to achieve greatness.
Passion for your product, for your business, for your idea and for the path you are on.
You have it in you to change your situation, to change your life - this isn't about the 9-5 grind, about working to live or another dull day in the office.
This is about YOU taking control of your destiny.
Believe it, get excited about it, then feel the passion!! Last but not least...
Grow and Learn
Associate with people who either have the millionaire mindset or those who are on the same road to riches that you are.
Be open to ideas, suggestions and feedback.
Learn from those who have trodden this well-worn path before you and are willing to share their success.
It's going to be a fun ride! I hope you enjoyed my article.
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