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What is Your ML?

A new Member from New York, Ben, joined our DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum the other day.
He was all over it like white on rice, calling me, e-mailing me, getting involved.
He was on the first members Only Conference Call that came up.
He insisted on learning as much as he could, as fast as he could.
He bought extra material.
He was like a sponge.
Nothing was too much trouble for him.
Eager, excited, open.
High ML.
I gave a talk in Richmond, BC to a large number of people who came out on a dark, wet and stormy night to hear how they could change their lives, using Joint Ventures.
At the end of my 90 minute presentation, a woman told me that she would attend my one day Joint Venture Bootcamp if I held it in Abbotsford, an hour away from where we were.
I told her I didn't think she should even consider attending my Bootcamp.
If one hour of travel (or even three) was going to be a problem for her, everything will be a problem for her.
If her level of commitment and belief was so low, she would drain the passion of the Bootcamp delegates.
Her ML was disastrously low.
What is your "ML"? It's your Motivation Level.
One means, "I don't care - give me another cigarette and leave me be.
" Ten means, "I will walk naked over broken glass with my hair on fire and an angry puff adder on my shoulder - whatever it takes.
" It's the passion meter.
It's "How badly do you want to win?" Die trying or give up after the first round and go get another beer? Your level of motivation will ultimately determine what you achieve in every single endeavor.
You either believe you're unstoppable or you're easy to stop.
You either think like Mohammad Ali or taking you down will be easy.
Years ago, I was on a trip where I had to do a presentation the following morning at a massive hair show.
A friend and client of mine, Gary, was one of the hairdressers there.
He has huge financial and marriage troubles at the time and he had a hangover to beat the band, but I could hear him right through the hotel room wall (this was a brick wall, not the usual cardboard) signing James Brown's hit song, "I feel good" on the top of his voice, psyching himself up for his presentation.
Gary took control of his life and his emotions and managed his ML.
He was truly unstoppable.
He didn't let his feelings or his circumstances get in the way of his choices.
Here's the thing - when you spend time with people like Gary and Ben, what does that do for your ML? I know it helps mine.
Let's boost that ML through the roof - today really IS the first day of the rest of your life!

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