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Live Your Life Now

We are all born with an open heart ready to learn and take on the challenges of life.
As little children the majority of us tend to cope very well with what ever comes our way.
Even the children that have it tough seem to hold up amazingly and just keep going.
What changes along the way to make you feel you want to dwell on the past and not move forward? To live your life now means you have to be forgiving to all that have done you wrong and more importantly yourself for what you have done to others.
Sometimes you may feel like you have let someone down or get away with something that you shouldn't of.
Realize it was right for the time and place you were at in life, a learning curb for your future.
Mistrust in others will always attract those in your life that are not trustworthy, see how it goes, what you really don't want will come your way if you think constantly about what you don't want rather then what you do want and how you are going to achieve.
So I guess what I am trying to say is live your life now by getting excited about what you want to achieve instead of what you haven't.
You might not have the greatest job, husband/wife, house, car etc these are all minor issues compared to what is going on in your mind.
There are many people in much worse circumstances that choose to have positive thoughts and make the best out of their lives.
Not until you start to realize your own value and that life is here to be lived right now, will anything change.
Every negative can be turned into a positive, it is up to you to make this happen.
Be like that little child and keep moving forward so you can live your life now, ready to enjoy everything that is happening and finding ways to refuse what is not working for you.

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