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No Secrets Success Is In The Baby Steps

After four decades in life and nearly two decades in the business world I have seen and experienced big success and dismal failure. Many variables contribute to each result, but I find that the positive result, success, is more often achieved using this philosophy: How do you eat an elephant...One bite at a time. It's the perspective of small or baby steps consistently towards the goal that will allow you to focus and maintain direction to the optimal results you're seeking. Let me refer to a familiar story we all remember from our youth...

Everyone has heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, right? The story begins with a challenge to a distance race between our two characters (I like to use Bugs Bunny & Cecil from Looney Tunes). Obviously, the hare will win after all he is fast like the wind, sleek as a bullet, and built for racing, correct? As you well know Cecil triumphs over Bugs with his slower yet steady and determined perspective that never lost sight of the objective. Speed is not an asset here, but a deterrent to achieving the success we all desire in our lives. Today many have lost the value in this lesson and speed along in a hurry until final burnout ends in failure.

Successful people don't reach their achievements over night as the masses seem to think. That is only the media version of the story that is told to sell magazines & newspapers. The result is what everyone wants to focus on, not the work, determination, plan execution, and the baby steps taken along the way as those real world pieces often aren't appealing. The real value or what most people refer to as "secrets" are not secrets at's in the small baby steps. Big success is not an event, but a journey requiring many baby steps taken again and again and again.

So before continuing on or starting your next attempt to reach the big success you desire refer back to the simple story from your youth for a perspective that stood the test of time for a reason. Baby steps, step, step, again, again and again...

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