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Finding Joy and Creating a Life of Happiness

IT IS EVEN TOUGHER WHEN YOU ARE STUPID" read the whiteboard in the shop window displaying such aphorisms.
The owner of the shop, actually a hair salon, is John, a stocky handsome man, who set himself free from "the nightmare of living" to finding the "joy of life".
Our conversation was rich in wisdom.
John aspires to inspire.
These bullets highlight what he shared with me: o"Look how miserable people seem.
They walk around with a nightmare on their faces.
They engage in competitive suffering.
Listen to them: 'You think you've got it bad.
'" o"I was miserable once too.
Bad marriage.
There was love there but just because you love someone doesn't mean they're right for you.
Maybe they're not bringing out the best of you.
" After an amicable divorce John sought his freedom.
And joy.
o"You have to create your own happiness.
It's not handed to you.
It's a decision you have to make.
" o"You have to create your life.
" I asked him where he found the brilliant aphorisms he posts in his shop window.
"Here and there.
From many sources.
Wisdom is everywhere.
" o"To get what you want, help others get what they want.
" o"The more people you help get what they desire, the faster you'll have your desires fulfilled.
" Is there better life philosophy or business advice? If you're coming from your Heart, your decisions & actions run deeper, last longer and will feed your dreams.
In John's words you'll be "creating a life of happiness" for yourself and those you're working with.
Competitive "Head" decisions and apparent advantages, based on money & product ONLY, usually disappear when a competitor comes up with a lower price or a product change.
Instead, if you're aspiring to inspire your people to learn, grow, develop, succeed by creating their own life of happiness, you'll have relationships that will last longer than any apparent "competitive advantage".
Do that and you'll be mentoring and inspiring.
You'll also have Lifelong Financial Success too.

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